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Coming  to the realization that your relationship is over is often difficult  and confusing for all parties affected. You need to make a number of  decision about how to resolve the outstanding issues between you and  your former partner and any children from your relationship or previous  relationship.  You each made the decision to commence a relationship and  you are the best individuals to determine how to resolve the issues  between the two of you when your relationship comes to an end.   Mediation and Arbitration services are an alternative to the litigation  process which allow you to determine many issues between you including  the following:

  • Custody & Access issues;
  • Parenting schedules;
  • Methods of communication
  • Spousal Support obligations or entitlements;
  • Child Support obligations or entitlements;
  • Property issues

Mediators  assist the parties with the identification of issues which are  outstanding between the two of them in a safe and supported environment.   Mediators promote the free communication between parties in a  respectful and meaningful manner and assist you in exploring solutions  outside the box which may assist you in resolving your conflict.  The  mediator does not take sides in the conflict between the parties and may  offer insight into alternative routes to resolution.   



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