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The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation has many benefits which can  provide participants with a quicker resolution of their outstanding  issues, which is often less stressful and less costly. Each party to the  mediation is responsible for proposing and discussing creative  resolutions to their individual issues in a safe environment which  encourages communication which is contractually confidential. As a  mediator I am able to assist the parties through the negotiation of  their outstanding disputes, and offer valuable insight into alternative solutions, possible outcomes, and assist parties in coming to a creative  resolution. Prior to attending mediation each party is required to participate in a one hour screening session to ensure that the mediation  process is right for you. Not every dispute can be resolved with  mediation, but matters which are resolved through the mediation process  leave client’s feeling more satisfied, and more likely to comply with  the settlement terms negotiated between them.

Mediation is voluntary and both parties  need to commit to attending, and make appointments for their initial  screening which is the financial responsibility of the party attending.  Once the mediation sessions begin the costs of the mediation are shared  equally between the parties.