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Community Resources



Forms to address support issues and property issues it will be necessary for  most individuals to complete a sworn financial statement as well as  other forms which may be of assistance during the negotiation process.   This site provides direct links to the various forms which are required  in Ontario Courts and potentially during mediation. 



 Enforcement of Support Obligations.  This site directs you to the Family Responsibility Office which is responsible for the collection of all  support obligations in the Province of Ontario.  This site provides  forms which assist with the registration of your support Order and forms  which assist in leaving the Family Responsibility Office. 



Learning about Child Support Rights and Obligations. This site will provide general information in relation to the determination of child support issues and will even help you calculate what your entitlement or obligation will be based on the income information of the payer. 

Legal Aid Ontario


Legal aid Ontario provides legal assistance for low – income individuals.  This site will  assist individuals in determining if they meet the financial eligibility  guidelines and provides information which can help individuals with  addressing their family law issues. 



 Courts which can hear my legal issues.  The Ontario Courts serve various  communities and this interactive site will advise of the Courts which  are within your region. 



Family law pension information: Legislation, FAQ's, Family Law Forms, Heringer.